Dough-Raiser | Dough-Raiser

Stop fundraising.
Start Dough Raising.

The average family eats pizza once a week ... and they love Hungry Howie's®.

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We Call it a Dough Raiser®.

We print certificates that look like miniature Hungry Howie’s® Pizza boxes when you open them it will reveal a Medium 1-Topping Pizza and instructions and how to redeem them. We ship these certificates to you and then you deliver them to your customers. They then can redeem their certificates at on our online ordering platform. The easy to use online instructions are printed on the certificates.

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What you'll be selling.

Our Pizza box holds a big certificate

  • Redeemable at more than 350 Hungry Howie’s® locations.
  • Each certificate is easily redeemed online with a one-time code. Simply enter the code online to receive your pizza.